Bomb Squad Call Out in Belfast due to Xbox 360 Pad Buttons

It’s the sound of the police.

Take a cursory glance across the worlds of Amazon or Ebay looking for custom Xbox 360 buttons and you’ll find your eyes assaulted with all sorts of different options. Brightly colored pieces of plastic are offered to anyone who wants to customize their Xbox 360 controller to suit their needs. All of the colors of the rainbow and everything in between are available in exchange for a surprisingly low investment of cash. One particularly popular trend recently has been to give them the look of bullet cartridges. A trend that’s actually caused a security scare in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

On Tuesday night, someone called up the local security forces saying that they’d discovered large amounts of ammunition being stored in an unoccupied house in the Sliabh Dubh Lane area of the city. There has been no word as to who actually made the discovery, but this didn’t stop the police quickly responding to the possible threat with all of the strength they could muster. Bomb disposal experts and police officers descended upon the locale, cordoning it off before investigating the abandoned house.

After closer examination though, the police apparently discovered that it was a collection of imitation buttons for Xbox 360 controllers.

A spokesman for the local constabulary confirmed in a statement that “A number of items that were taken away have now been examined and declared to be not suspicious.””A number of items that were taken away have now been examined and declared to be not suspicious.”

Have you ever purchased a set of custom buttons for your Xbox 360 or indeed any console’s pad? Would you mistake the custom buttons for an Xbox 360 controller as a bag of bullets at first glance? Feel free to shoot down this reporter or give us your opinion on the matter in the comments down below.

[Source: Belfast Telegraph]

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