Tales of Zestiria's Opening is Cool, But The Song Doesn't Quite Seem to Suit the Game

Catchy song, but perhaps not as catchy as Ayumi Hamasaki’s songs.

Tales of Zestiria will be out in Japan tomorrow and we get to check out the game’s opening a whole day before its official release.

Featuring the song ‘White Light’ by Superfly, the music itself definitely lends a much more modern feel to the game. While the song itself is pretty catchy, though perhaps not quite as catchy as Ayumi Hamasaki’s work on Tales of Xillia and its sequel, I’m not sure if it really fits the mood of the game. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I finally get to play the game for myself.

Tales of Zestiria will be released exclusively on the PS3 on 22nd January in Japan. It is also set to be released in North America and Europe later this year.

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