Driveclub Update 1.10 Adds New Tracks and Changes Windscreen Wiper Speed

Now, you can decide how fast you want your windscreen wiper to wipe your windscreen.

The latest Driveclub update is out now, as announced on the official Driveclub Facebook page. Version 1.10 allows you to play 5 new tracks set in Japan, and it comes packed with a ton of other features as well.

The 3.33GB update will offer up new tracks, a new online game mode, improved AI, better weather visuals, and other improvements that were based off of player feedback. It’s a rather hefty update that not only adds new content, but also several gameplay tweaks such as AI drafting behaviour, windscreen wiper speeds, and a few other bug fixes.

You can view the full list of updates in Driveclub version 1.10 here. The game is out now on the PS4.

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