Certain Club Nintendo Members Will Have Early Access to the New Nintendo 3DS

Pikachu looks pretty damn adorable on that new 3DS face plate.

It looks like some members of Club Nintendo in Europe will have their opportunity to get their hands on the new Nintendo 3DS before everyone else. A limited edition bundle for the new 3DS, called the Ambassador Edition, will come with customisable face plates, including a Super Smash Bros. theme for both sides of the handheld. The Ambassador Edition will also include a charging cradle for the handheld.

new nintendo 3ds

According to Nintendo, only members who meet a certain criteria will be invited to purchase the new Nintendo 3DS. However, Nintendo has yet to reveal what this criteria is. For those who are not in Club Nintendo, or for members who do not meet the requirement, the new Nintendo 3DS will be made available later in the year.

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