Artist Makes a Mario Masterpiece from Thrift Shop Painting

Dave Pollot turns thrift shop artwork into awesome video game paintings. Check out how he made his latest Mario piece, “Ridin Dirty.”

Dave likes to paint, but this first painting below isn’t his work. Dave Pollot, a New York artist, picked up this typical nature scene from a thrift shop, and he’s going to make it into video game art. Because who doesn’t look at peaceful park pathways and think “this could use a little Mario Kart chaos.”

Mario Painting Thrift ShopMario Painting Thrift ShopMario Painting Thrift ShopMario Painting Thrift Shop Mario Painting Thrift ShopMario Painting Thrift Shop

If you like what you see, you can actually buy a print or poster of “Ridin Dirty” from Dave’s Etsy page. The reviews certainly shower the work with praise:

“I bought a painting from Dave Pollot from an art show and I absolutely loved it. I then bought this painting as a Christmas gift and it was a hit! My whole family wanted one.”

“This is the best item i’ve ever bought on etsy. We keep it on the wall at the office, where we play lots of mario kart. Everybody loves it. Plus, shipping was super fast.”

“Another amazing creation… love the double takes (from those who notice) that these invoke 🙂 thanks again.”

Pollot’s shop, branded DavePollotArt, promises “art with a sense of humor,” featuring everything from Mario to Ghostbusters.

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