Shovel Knight is in Motorcycle Brawler Road Redemption. Yes, Really.

Shovel Knight will be riding hard in the excellent motorcycle brawler, Road Redemption. This is not your mom’s bike. Vroom vroom.

In news that no one could possible predict, Yacht Club Games’ smash game’s titular character Shovel Knight will be a playable character in motorcycle racer and Road Rash spiritual successor Road Redemption.

You may remember my preview from in the fall, in which I practically raved about how great it was the entire time. Well it’s received a score of updates since then, and has only gotten better. Not only does it handle incredibly well now, but there is a bike and character select–which is where our hero Shovel Knight will make his appearance.

I haven’t had a chance to try him out yet as the update isn’t live yet, but if the music from Shovel Knight appears in the game as well, I will be beyond a happy camper.

Road Redemption is available on Steam and is currently 35% off, sitting at a mere $12.99. You owe it to yourself to buy it now.

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