Playstation Buyers of Destiny: Dark Below Expansion Get a Quad Barreled Shotgun

Shotguns in video games are a tricky thing. As Call of Duty has shown us, they can blast your nipples off from 6 feet away. Gears of War has taught people to keep your friends close, and your enemies on the other side of the map if they’re carrying a Gnasher or a sawed-off. Destiny is aiming to take things further with a goddamn quadruple-barreled shotgun.

The 4th Horseman shotgun will be available to the PS3 and PS4 buyers of the game in The Dark Below expansion. One of its upgrade nodes is “Return to Sender”, which drops ammo right into the magazine with each kill. A gun that regenerates ammo every time you kill someone is basically like eating a pizza that never ends, aka the best thing ever. I’m so gonna get this thing.

The Dark Below is available to download next Tuesday for all platforms, but no word on when Destiny’s Xbox owners will receive this. Given the possible time frame of this Sony exclusivity is next fall, it may be a while. It’s also worth pointing out that if you buy this for a last-gen Xbox or Playstation, it’ll be free to download to your next-gen system. Just be sure to do it before January 15. Ditto with the base Destiny game itself.

[via Game Informer]

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