Nintendo Is Discontinuing Production of the 3DS XL in Japan

According to Siliconera, Nintendo is ceasing production of the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan. While no official statement has been made, all 3DS XL models on the Nintendo 3DS homepage have been marked with an “ending production soon” notice.

It’s assumed that the “New Nintendo 3DS LL” (yes, that’s actually its name–although it will be titled “XL” when it hits the US) will be taking over as the standard XL model. Curiously, certain colors of the regular 3DS model are not marked as being discontinued.

As for the New Nintendo 3DS LL, there is no word yet when it will be reaching Western shores, but I am eagerly awaiting. My 3DS XL gets a lot of play time, and I’m interested to try out the faster processor and second analogue “nub”.

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