Deals With Gold This Week Has Metro, Saints Row, and Disney Games

If nothing else, the weekly Deals With Gold promotion has a wide variety of offers for Xbox Live Gold members every week. This week is no exception – the deals include everything from the Metro series to a collection of Disney licensed titles.

On the Xbox One, the Deals With Gold are all about Metro. The Metro Redux collection, which includes updated versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, is 33% off. If you only want one of the two games, however, they’ve got you covered; each updated version of 2033 and Last Light can be purchased by themselves, also 33% off. The original games are also on sale for Xbox 360 for more than 50% off.

The Xbox 360 Deals With Gold are a far more varied bag. A collection of Pac Man games are available from 50% to 75% off. Saints Row IV is 75% again, and its season pass is 50% off. A metric crap-load of Disney titles, ranging from Toy Story 3 to Tron to Ducktales, are on sale for 50% off. So there’s plenty there for everyone.

The Deals With Gold end each week, and are only available to Xbox Live Gold members.

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