7 Reasons Why the Battlefield Series Still Dominates the War FPS Genre

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You Can Use Vehicles

Battlefield vehicles

It’s hard to forget the impact Battlefield 1942 had on FPS war games with the inclusion of vehicles. These weren’t mere scripted in-game moments; players were actually able to use them as they pleased.

First there were simple versions of WWII tanks, jeeps, planes, ships and submarines. Nonetheless, the Battlefield series was already showing a bit of its own future with its Secret Weapons of the WWII expansion pack and its stealth planes.. After that, Battlefield fans got a wide variety of options, from helicopters and small boats to the huge mechs in Battlefield 2142.

Once immersed in a fully-deployed war situation, there’s no turning back, and vehicles are a huge part of it. They are game changing features which not only add a lot of depth to the series gameplay, but also make it all seem a lot more real.

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