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2014's Finest WTF JAPAN Moments


2014's Finest WTF JAPAN Moments

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2014 was great for JRPGs. Remasters, ports, and some great new IP; however, the year also brought with it a slew of ‘WTF Japan?’ moments. From major boobage to combat stripping to kissing cousins, here are the best of 2014’s wtf moments from the East.

No. 1: The Entirety of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
senran kagura shinovi versus frantic mode

This entire game was a Japanese fuster cluck. Take out what makes it Senran Kagura and you’ve actually got yourself a pretty awesome arena fighting game. But what makes Senran Kagura so bizarre, so inducing of a “WTF Japan?!?!?!” reaction, is its major theme. What is the major theme, you ask?

Bouncing boobs.

The creator allegedly conceived of the concept for Senran Kagura by thinking about what gamers wanted in 3D. The answer was, of course, jiggly milk jugs. And thus, Senran Kagura: Shinvoi Versus was born.

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