The Ultimate BioWare Quiz: Which Game Best Describes You?

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As BioWare’s new hit, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is capturing the imaginations of video game fans this week, it’s time to reflect on how well this developer is able to craft stories that never fail to appeal to fans in a truly special way. Those of us who have played a lot of their games know full well which series is our personal favorite, but what about those who have never played a BioWare game?

With that in mind here is the Ultimate BioWare Quiz, which will help you to figure out which of their series’ is most suited to you. Keep track of your answers, and all will be revealed at the end. Enjoy!


Star Wars KOTOR

1. How old am I? I’m _____.

A. In my 30s.
B. In my 20s.
C. So old that one of the BioWare founders checks my prostate every six months.
D. Definitely no older than 16.

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