4 Reasons Why H1Z1 is a Zombie Survival Game You Can’t Pass Up

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It’s What the Player Wants

Custom Base Building will be apart of H1Z1.

Custom Base Building will be a part of H1Z1.

Vehicles, zombie hordes, open world, hundred people servers, custom game modes and base building are only the tip of the iceberg as to the potential H1Z1 has to offer. The highly ambitious game has managed to cover several areas that fans of the zombie survival genre have sought for after the release of similar games such as Day Z. In addition of an array of crafting tools, weapons and a destructive environment, it seems Sony Entertainment Online (SEO) are not holding back in giving the player what they want. Evidently, since the game was announced back in April, the H1Z1 team has been consistently asking players to comment ideas onto their official Reddit page for possible inclusion in the game.

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