Master Chief Collection Guide: How To Beat the Par Time and Score on Every Level in Halo 2

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Hello! Welcome back to our series of guides for the longest strand of new achievements in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Par Times and Par Scores, for every single level in every Halo game. If you missed it, here is our guide for Halo: Combat Evolved. At the least, read the prologue there before continuing on. We recommend Score runs be done on Heroic difficulty, and Time runs keep it on Normal difficulty. And, as always, play the campaigns well enough to understand each level and the areas we mention in the guide.

Curiously, Halo 2‘s guide is a bit shorter than Halo: Combat Evolved‘s. And yet, it contains levels infinitely more difficult in nature for both Speed and Time runs. It is more versatile, complex – yet more succinct and forward; much like the game itself.

Without further adieu, we reconvene with our heroes on board….

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