Guild Wars 2 Gets Massive PvP Patch Before Tournament Finale

Guild Wars 2, the massively multiplayer and massively popular role-playing game from ArenaNet, has been holding its first ever World Tournament Series throughout this year. It will conclude on December 5th in one final battle between teams from Europe, the United States, and China.

But just before that, ArenaNet will be releasing a gigantic PvP patch for Guild Wars 2 on December 2nd. It will be comprised of several large updates, and much of what is coming in the patch has not yet been revealed. But, what is known is that big changes are coming to the game’s matchmaking system. Sorting will now be handled by Glicko2 ratings, and a full ladder system will be put in place to service large-scale league play. Also introduced will be a dishonor system for leaving mid match. A test-season will be launched sometime in mid-December to test public reaction to the new system.

Guild Wars 2 is widely available now only on PC.

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