Goat Simulator is Going Global With A Free MMO Update. Yes, Really

Remember Goat Simulator? Remember how much fun you had running around as a goat, grabbing things with your tongue and then glitching into the sky?

Imagine that now, except also as an MMO. Can’t baa-lieve it? Check out the newest trailer from Coffee Stain Studios and be amazed. What appears to be experience points, gear, MMO-style town hubs and more are shown in this trailer, and oh boy do I dig it. Apparently, you’ll be able to quest across the land up to level 101 and can choose from five character classes, including…a microwave?

The update will be coming free to Steam on November 20th. There’s no word yet if this update will also be coming to the planned Xbox One version of the game, but you can be sure we’ll hear about it soon.

Oh yeah, there’s also this:

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