Get An Early Fix of Dragon Age Inquisition With EA Access on Xbox One

If you’re unsure whether you want to make the trip into Thedas for Dragon Age Inquisition, first of all: What’s wrong with you? Secondly, you can get a 6 hour taste courtesy of EA Access, the Xbox One exclusive gaming service.

Membership for EA Access will let you install and play a six-hour trial of the full game a whole five days before the game’s actual release date. From the EA Access blog:

“The six-hour trial lets you create your hero, form your Inquisition, and take your first steps into Thedas…You can even jump into Inquisition’s cooperative multiplayer missions.”

So one one hand, YES, Dragon Age ASAP please. But I’m scared that I’ll taste the 6 hour chunk and be left like a crack fiend, desperate for another bump.

If you’re already a member of EA Access, this seems like a no-brainer. What do you think? Is this an offer you can’t refuse, or are you holding out for the full course?

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