Game Streaming Software XSplit Hits Version 2, Allows HD for Free Users

For aspiring streamers looking to break into the Twitch or Youtube business, streaming software XSplit has been upgraded. XSplit Version 2 comes a host of behind the scenes tweaks, but the most inspiring change is that users of XSplit Free will now be able to stream up to 720p and 30 FPS with no watermark. Free streamers of anything with more P’s than that will be burdened only by a small watermark–noticeably smaller than before.

XSplit V2 New Features

This is great news for me personally. I’ve been using Open Broadcasting Software for my streaming needs simply because I found the watermark from XSplit too troublesome. I’m excited to get all the features of XSplit, including source transistions and the ability to edit while you’re previewing. The XSplit official site has tons of support and documentation to help you get started, so if these new features sound like just what you need to start your streaming empire, check it out here.

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