Watch the Coolest GTA V Bicycle Stunt in First-Person

The GTA V first-person mode has already proven to be the best addition to the game. I mean besides if heists were finally added, of course. You think we’ve forgotten about those, Rockstar? We haven’t. We’re still waiting. Oh, what am I saying, they know. They’re just sitting there, laughing at us. They’re sitting on their massive pile of money and teasing us with the best reason to head back to Los Santos online. The only reason, really, who’s still playing GTA Online? Give us heists, damn it.

Ahem, sorry, I can get carried away with my GTA V conspiracy theories. But check out the sweet bike jump above. It’s like one of those crazy GoPro BMX videos. Except in a video game, so the stakes are way lower and I’m not riddled with anxiety.


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