Having Problems with Your Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Install? Try This Fix

To the dismay of many an impatient gamer, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is having some install troubles on the Xbox One. For the unlucky few, the game will appear to install indefinitely, never reaching its conclusion.

Luckily, Microsoft has released a fix, and the solution is easy (if a little time-consuming). Whether you have the digital or physical version of the game:

1. Uninstall Advanced Warfare

2. Re-download/install.

3. Don’t launch until it’s fully completed (ignore the “Ready to Start” message).

4. If it asks if you want to update before its completed, say “no”.

Once the game is fully settled and ready to go, launch it and update as normal. Voila! Enjoy Advanced Warfare and let us know how you’re liking the latest Call of Duty entry.



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