4 Reasons Why the 15 Minute Ending in Far Cry 4 Is the Best Story of 2014

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It Reveals an Unexpected Side of Pagan Min

Pagan Min Far Cry 4

I’m a big fan of Far Cry 4‘s villain Pagan Min, and the biggest reason why is because of Voice Actor Troy Baker. Baker does such a masterful job of portraying this character that whenever he shows up, the feeling it evokes in me as a player is equal parts delight and terror. This is never made clearer than during the alternate ending, which reveals layers to this character that you don’t necessarily see by playing the main game.

Because the opening sequence of Far Cry 4 is the same no matter what course of action you choose, the game never shies away from the kind of brutality that Min is capable of. In spite of that however, the most striking thing about the alternate outcome is that he reveals himself to be a man of his word, which frankly shocked me. After being so conditioned by video games to assume a reversal at the last minute, the way Far Cry 4‘s alternate ending plays out is quite honestly the boldest and most surprising thing I could have imagined from that character.

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