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3 Things the Evolve Alpha Needs to Fix Before Launch


3 Things the Evolve Alpha Needs to Fix Before Launch

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Gameplay Can Get Stale

Evolve Alpha Gameplay Medic Val Kraken

[Note: This is part 2 in our look at the Evolve alpha. Make sure you check out part 1 where we explore all the amazing things that Evolve did well.]

So far, while Evolve offers a great amount of gameplay variety in terms of its characters, it is a bit lacking in its overall experience. While Turtle Rock has promised a single-player mode (the likes of which we still don’t know much about), the core experience of Evolve seems to remain limited to a big game of cat and mouse. While this game of cat and mouse has enough to keep players entertained for a solid amount of time, it may not be able to sustain long term interest in the game. This much is especially worrisome when some matches may involve very significant amounts of time running and hunting coupled with very little time spent in gunplay and combat.

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