Tiny Death Star Removed from App Stores by Disney Without Informing Developer

Seemingly easier than bull’s-eying womp rats back home, Disney has blown up the iOS/Android game Tiny Death Star. The game was removed from app stores after roughly a year on the market. The removal came so swiftly that the game’s developer Nimblebit only found out after the fact. In a statement made to PocketGamer, Nimblebit’s Ian Marsh said “my assumption is that they don’t feel it is worth it to maintain the game any longer.”

Star Wars Tiny Death Star

The adorable Tiny Tower clone featured pixel art of famous Star Wars characters and 8-bit remakes of some of the franchise’s most notable songs. Tiny Death Star wasn’t the only Star Wars themed causality this week. Star Wars Assault Team also got the Alderaan treatment after only six months on the market.

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