Tekken 7 Location Testing Reveals New Characters, Additions to Fighting System

New information about Tekken 7 was made available earlier this week after Bandai Namco began location testing over in Japan. Thanks to YouTubers uploading various gameplay videos, we’re able to see some previously unannounced characters and changes to the fighting system.

In a video uploaded by Abdul-Ghaffar Allaf to YouTube, we can see a new character named Claudio and in another video you can see Katarina, another new character.

Aside from new characters, it’s also been revealed that some changes to the overall fighting style in Tekken are being tested as well. Rage Arts will allow players to go into a Rage State after entering specific commands which will increase the fighter’s attack damage and allow the use of special moves. In addition to Rage Arts, Power Crush are special moves that can’t be interrupted by being attacked but the fighter will still take the damage. There is no limit on your use of Power Crush but there is significant risk associated with taking that much damage from your enemy.

Tekken 7 is slated for release in Japanese arcades sometime next year. There is still no date for a console release.

[Source: Gamespot]



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