Shadow of Mordor Graphical Settings Comparison Shows Drastic Increase in Quality

Shadow of Mordor: Middle Earth has amazing graphics, as any next-gen, AAA, huge title game does, but its PC version also caters to those with weaker machines.

Shadow of Mordor 1 Lowest Setting Shadow of Mordor 2 Lowest Setting

The transition from lowest to low is pretty miniscule, but you can see his face has a bit more shading and the environment is a little more chiseled.

Shadow of Mordor 1 Low Settings Shadow of Mordor 2 Low Settings

From low to medium, fog is introduced, giving the game more atmosphere. His hair also seems to have more depth in that it seems greasier and unwashed, like a warrior in middle earth is.

Shadow of Mordor 1 Medium Settings Shadow of Mordor 2 Medium Settings

From medium to high, the shadows are enhanced and look more realistic. More attention is focused on his tunic and the smaller details on it.

Shadow of Mordor 1 High Settings Shadow of Mordor 2 High Settings

From high to very high, more tiny details are noticed. The ruffles on his shirt become more visible and the people in the background seem less like eraser tips and more like people.

Shadow of Mordor 1 Very High Settings Shadow of Mordor 2 Very High Settings

Even smaller changes are noticed from very high to ultra. The ground has a little bit more detail in ultra and his body seems more realistic.

Shadow of Mordor 1 Ultra Settings - No HD Pack Shadow of Mordor 2 Ultra Settings - No HD Pack

I cannot notice anymore differences between ultra with the hd pack and ultra without it. Nearly all of the changes are easily looked over and aren’t as physically game-changing as earlier graphical changes.

Shadow of Mordor 1 Ultra Settings - with HD Pack Shadow of Mordor 2 Ultra Settings - with HD Pack

Now onto the ambient occlusion and vegetation range.

Ultra Ambient Occlusion Medium Ambient Occlusion No Ambient Occlusion

I believe the difference between the ambient occlusions are in the fog and how the shading brings together the atmosphere of where you are.

Ultra Vegetation Range Medium Vegetation Range No Vegetation Range

In the vegetation range, the differences are easily seen. More vegetation… more rocks and grass.

The difference in quality between each setting may not seem to change much, but when you look at the difference from lowest to ultra with hd… that’s pretty ridiculous.

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