Rosalina’s Infinite Combo in Smash Bros is Ridiculously OP and Really Lame

Rosalina and her buddy Luma add fun, puppeteer-style gameplay to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. The dynamic duo has already been known as a holistically strong pair, but with the discovery of Rosalina’s apparent infinite combo, Nintendo may have a star problem on their hands.

Their simple punches create an inescapable death trap, slowly pushing you to your end with a  flurry of lackluster jabs. You’d think such a freakishly fatal move would come with a little more pizazz, but the combo is actually one of the most yawn-inducing ways to slaughter your enemies.

It’s not confirmed whether this combo works against any enemy character, or only a specific few. Nonetheless, this video shows us just how humiliating a defeat one can be handed by a girl and her star.

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