This Video Explains PS4 Share Play, Which Might Be the Best Thing About the PS4

We’ve heard information about the PS4’s upcoming feature, Share Play, but there has been slight confusion as to what the feature actually does. A new video released by Sony clarifies exactly what Share Play is and the feature is actually really sweet. Share Play is couch co-op for the digital age. Yeah, that sounds like a lame PR pitch but I mean it. Share Play allows you to virtually pass the PS4 controller to a friend through a simple press of the Share button. Even if your friend doesn’t own the game you’re playing, you can use Share Play to let them either take over and play your copy of the game from their PS4 or even join in a multiplayer match with you.

The video above will explain it better than I ever could, but holy shit. I’ll withhold my judgment until I can actually see how it works, but Share Play may just be the best feature on the PS4.

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