Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Features Customization and Crafting

BioWare teased us earlier this week with new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots.  Now, fans are being treated to a new trailer.
The video gives an overview of some of the game’s systems. We get a look at character customization, class selection, weapon upgrades, and crafting. Players will be able to choose the equipment for their entire team. The crafting system will also allow you to create a variety of potions,  grenades, and traps.

Opinions on Dragon Age II were largely divided. Many people were disappointed in the game’s repetitive dungeons. Others felt the simplified battle system was alienating. BioWare will need to learn from its past mistakes in order for Dragon Age: Inquisition to match the success of Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Inquisitions is slated for release on November 18th. It’s playable on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

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