Driveclub Weather Looks Phenomenal; Check out the Exclusive's Photo Mode Demo, Sun & Rain

With the release of their PS4 exclusive Driveclub just around the corner, the developers at Evolution Studios held a community event at their location in Runcorn (in the UK) to show off two highly-anticipated features that will come to the game post-launch.

YouTube user Andy Malone attended the event, and with his own camera, took some off-screen videos of the demos for both the game’s Photo Mode and its weather mechanics.

Despite being off-screen recordings, the video quality is excellent and leaves very little desired. Here’s the video where you can see the beautiful and seamless transitioning between two types of weather, sunshine and rain. The transition is so smooth that I couldn’t notice the difference until I actively went back and saw when exactly it changed. This is game development at its finest.

Next you can check out the game’s fantastic Photo Mode. The Photo Mode is so immersive that you can pause the game and get a shot of your screen from just about any angle and zoom of the track possibly imaginable. This is shaping up to be one feature you can really use to brag and show off.

If you weren’t in awe about how great Driveclub is looking to be, hopefully you are now. You can look forward to Driveclub on your PS4 very soon on October 7th.

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