Xur's Location and Exotic Items for Sale This Weekend in Destiny

Looking for the items for October 31st? Check those out right here.

Get your strange coins ready because Xur: Agent of the Nine is now out and about. For the uninitiated, Xur is a vendor in Destiny who sells some of the strongest weapons and armor in the game. He only appears on Friday and Saturday and accepts payment in the form of a rare currency known as strange coins.

This weekend, Xur is hanging out near the three job specific vanguard vendors in the back of the Tower. He is offering up a helmet (Helm of Saint-14) for Titans, a helmet (Achlyophage Symbiote) for Hunters, and a pair of gloves (Sunbreakers) for Warlocks. As for this week’s weapon, Xur has the Red Death, a popular pulse rifle that heals you after each kill. In addition, Xur has an exotic helm engram purchasable for 23 motes of light.

Check out the slideshow below for a look at Xur’s location and the stats for all of the items he has for sale.

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