This Tumblr Blog Recreates Famous Video Game Covers Using Only ClipArt, and it’s Amazing

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Every once in a while, the Internet decides to do really cool things. Take a stroll through the gaming tag on Tumblr and you might come across a blog called “ClipArt Cover Art.” This blog takes famous video game covers and recreates them using the bare tools available to them in ClipArt. While it seems that the blog works primarily on Nintendo games and covers, there are a number from outside the Nintendo library. Check some of them out! You can see these and so many more on their blog. All images belong to ClipArt Cover Art.

There is so much to process in this Grand Theft Auto V cover that I don’t even know where to start….

I love how absolutely complacent the creator was here with replacing Donald, Mickey, and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts II with their incredibly simple animal versions.

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