As Xbox Faces Dismal Launch in Japan, Crowds Line Up for Miles at Super Smash Bros. 3DS Release

The midnight release of Super Smash Bros.for Nintendo 3DS rocked game sellers in Japan, especially Kyoto Yodabashi. Demand overwhelmed the massive electronics store, as countless Smash fans new and old waited for hours to receive their fresh copy of Nintendo joy.


For those who remember, the September 4 release of the Xbox One in Japan was less than exhilarating. The sales numbers were far below previous Xbox releases in the country, selling just 23,562 units in its first four days. Midnight launches across the country looked like this:

Japan Xbox Launch

In comparison, here is the launch line at Kyoto Yodabashi:




Even with 6 open registers, the store still couldn’t clear the crowds fast enough, and the lines stretched for ages.


VJlEONKSadly, we here in the states will be playing the Super Smash Bros. Demo for the meanwhile, awaiting the US launch on October 3.

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