Rise of Mana and Dead Man's Cross Confirmed for PS Vita; Will be Exhibited at TGS 2014

Square Enix has announced two games for the PS Vita: Rise of Mana and Dead Man’s Cross.

According to Dengeki Online, Rise of Mana, which was previously available only on smartphones, will feature the “Raid Battle” challenge on the Vita version where players will get to challenge huge bosses in real time with fellow players. Rise of Mana is an action RPG and its implementation on the PS Vita will be the series’ first time utilising a proper controller system.

Dead Man’s Cross, on the other hand, is a zombie card-battling RPG that was also previously available exclusively on smartphones. The Vita version of the game will allow players to use both the face buttons and touch screen controls.

Both titles will be exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2014 this September.

Rise of Mana and Dead Man’s Cross have been confirmed for the PS Vita, though no release date has been announced just yet.

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