Now You Can Play The Last of Us in Resident Evil 4

Ever wanted to play The Last of Us in other video games? Maybe. Probably not. But if you ever get the urge, one modder has fused Naughty Dog’s hit title with Resident Evil 4.

The Last of Us Resident Evil 4 The Last of Us Resident Evil 4

The Last of Us Resident Evil 4

The Last of Us Resident Evil 4

The mod comes to us from LegalSoul, a user on the Resident Evil 4 Modding Board. LegalSoul hand-crafted character models for both Joel and Ellie using in-game textures, then replaced Leon and Ashley with Naughty Dog’s dynamic duo. To better achieve the original game’s somber atmosphere, the mod also includes weapons and sound elements from TLoU.

The mod also comes with this very crucial warning:

“WARNING:DO NOT EAT BRICKS, it’s possible to do in game, but it is really bad for health. Come on, Joel is an old man and he has a lot of stress these days, and a brick will do no good for his stomach and may cause a painful ache.”

You can check out more “in-the-making” details from LegalSoul in his post on the Modding Board.

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