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Final Fantasy Explorers Site Reveals New Info


Final Fantasy Explorers Site Reveals New Info

Final Fantasy Explorers’ website was recently updated with a slew of new screenshots, a new job class AND a new character – Terra of Final Fantasy VI fame.

The new job class will be the Geomancer. Geomancer  wield the “Rune Strike” ability, which, although powerful, will require a bit of time to cast.


A new location was also announced. Players will be able to explore “Jamenil Mountain” – Bahamut’s turf and home to lots of powerful monsters. Its windy, desolate ice trails are reminiscent of Mt. Gagazet in Final Fantasy X. 

Jamenil Mountain

Jamenil Mountain

As for battle mechanics, players will be able to use the “Crystal Drive” ability to channel the powers of Ramuh and Shiva. Summoning has always been a hugely popular part of the Final Fantasy series. It’ll be interesting to see how summons work in Explorers.

Crystal Drive

Crystal Drive

Finally, the site was also updated to include Terra in the cast of Final Fantasy characters featuring in the game.


Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for release in Japan this December. There’s no word just yet on a localized version, but a lucky few were able to test it out at the Tokyo Game Show.

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