Limited Edition Hyrule Warriors Bundle Coming To North America, But Only To One Store

Japan received a special bundle of Hyrule Warriors which included Link’s scarf from the game. It was a beautiful looking bundle and many in the West wondered if we would be getting the same limited edition any time soon.

Earlier today, it was announced that North America would also be getting this bundle, but only at one location: The Nintendo World Store in New York City. The bundle will go on sale at 8 AM on Sept. 26th, the launch date for the new crossover Zelda title.

Additionally, because demand is so high for the product, the store will not be taking any pre-orders and you will have to arrive in-store, on launch day to buy one. This is different from Europe and Australia where pre-orders for this bundle are available at participating retailers.

So yeah, this is kind of a bummer for those looking forward to the Hyrule Warriors Bundle. But hey! Good news for those living in New York or the tri-city area then!

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