New Final Fantasy XI Video Guide for Returning Players Released Alongside Heavy Discounts

Believe it or not, Final Fantasy XI is still going strong. Released in the U.S. all the way back in 2003, it has remained one of the more stable and successful MMORPGs (besides ones named World of Warcraft of course). Despite having released a successor of sorts in Final Fantasy XIV, FFXI continues to receive support, regular updates, and is now also attempting to encourage former players to return.

Running now through September 23rd, players can pick up FFXI and all of its expansions for $9.99 (75% off). Also, the world transfer service for current players is discounted as well.

In addition, from September 10th through September 17th, players with canceled accounts can log in for free and see how things have changed since the last time they played. Those that have been out of service for a long time may be shocked to see how different things really are. To help with that, Square Enix has released a video (above) to accompany the campaign that highlights some of the quality of life improvements that have been recently added to the veteran MMORPG, starring FFXI anti-hero Shantotto.

Final Fantasy XI is out on PS2, Xbox 360, and PC and still retains a monthly fee of $12.95/mo.

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