Driveclub Director Discusses Preload Availability and PS+ Drawback; Takes Only 60 Seconds to Install

With Driveclub hitting North America October 7, Evolution Studios is preparing to make your first day in the driver’s seat as smooth as possible. To clarify on some pre-game requirements, Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director, took to Twitter to share details on the game’s preload availability, size, and install times.

He began by reminding us that the 17GB download will become a background download after the first 3.5GB.

Rustchynsky noted that all versions of the game would be 17GB, including the Plus Edition. The 3.5GB initial download will luckily be available beforehand. When asked about the availability of the preload, he replied, “We’re hoping to make it available. Like with most games it’ll be a few days before hand.”

Bad news for PS+ users, however, as they will have to wait until release day to download the game. These members will be unable to order the game until launch, and therefore cannot access the preload.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 1.58.58 PM

With the preload available early, the original install will be the only thing standing between you and the glory of Driveclub come game-day. Luckily, Rustchynsky shared that the install takes but a minute to complete, so you can get in the driver’s seat faster than ever.
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