Destiny's Challenging Vault of Glass Raid Has Finally Been Defeated, and Bungie's Impressed

When Destiny‘s latest raid, the Vault of Glass, was released, Bungie warned players it would be an extremely challenging adventure. Today, 10 and a half hours after the raid’s release, Destiny clan Primeguard have walked away victorious.


The winning Primeguard team.

Primeguard, according to their bio, is a “Hardcore Destiny clan based on the XBOX-ONE & PS4. Aiming for Top US/World Clan. Focused on Progression Raiding & Competitive MP.” They’re certainly one step closer to that goal after being the first team to conquer the undeniable challenge that is the Vault of Glass.

Only 2 hours ago, the team took to twitter and exclaimed “ATHEON IS DOWN.” Amidst the internet’s shock and awe, they posted the following photo as undeniable proof of their victory.


Bungie User Research was monitoring all Vault of Glass challengers, waiting for the first team to cross the finish line. With the raid proclaimed to be the “most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie… a mystery as much as it is a challenge – a puzzle and a gauntlet,” there was a lot of glory on the line for hopeful teams.

Primeguard has garnered mad respect from Bungie employees, who’ve been cheering the crew on, lauding their teamwork and Guardian bravery:

So what’s next for the all-star team? Beat it again.

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