Destiny's Romance Subplot is Way More Obvious Than You Thought (Spoiler-Free)

Destiny by Bungie Games is easily one of the most anticipated titles of this year, and without a doubt it’s going to be full of balls-out action and non-stop multiplayer fun. What I’ll bet you weren’t expecting was its underlying story, which follows the game’s protagonist as he discovers his totally real, true feelings for his life companion, Ghost. Set amidst the backdrop of interplanetary war, Destiny achieves a depth rarely seen in a video game, as these characters save the galaxy through the wondrous power of OTP.

I guess it’s true that sometimes love CAN bloom on the battlefield. Now some of you may be put off by this kind of direction in a game like Destiny, but a person can at least dream of a game striving to become more than just yet another male power fantasy. Besides, it could always be far, far worse.


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