Did Destiny Let You Down? Here are 4 Fool-Proof Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

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Destiny. You may love it, you may despise it, it may have even grown on you like a $500 million fungus, but there can be no doubt that it let a lot of people down. There’s broken hearts out there, and while my typical heartbreak advice consists of a coupon for chocolate ice cream and directions to the nearest liquor store, I feel those suffering from post-Destiny breakup could use some special pick-me-ups.

1) Scramble to get your $60 back.


What do you mean I can’t return it?

Whether you’re enjoying the game or not, you’re probably feeling a deep hole in your pocket that used to be filled with money. Couldn’t hurt making it back, and maybe even spending it on another game (or 60 Taco Bell burritos… gods have mercy on your colon).

This scheme may entail opening a lemonade stand, selling cookies door-to-door, or digging through public fountains for change. Depending on your age, these things may be either adorable or criminal offenses. Check local laws accordingly.

For real: If you’ve discovered Destiny is something that really has no value to you, try to salvage what you can. Sell it online, strike a deal with a friend, or trade it in at a local retailer for another game. Best Buy is offering $40 in credit for a trade-in of Destiny on any console, while Amazon and GameStop are offering slightly less.

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