Catch a Glimpse of Styx: Master of Shadows in a New Trailer Featuring Clones

Ok, this game came out of nowhere for me. I’m a huge stealth game fan, and haven’t managed to see Styx: Master of Shadows yet (pun intended). This new trailer displays Styx showing off his power to create clones for distracting and subduing his foes.

Styx: Master of Shadows follows Styx as he climbs a tower searching for amber, a magical resource that is guarded by Elves and Humans. According to the game’s Steam page, creating a clone is just one of 4 amber-fueled powers from 7 skill trees, and I cannot wait to see some more.

As of now, Styx: Master of Shadows is only announced for PC and will be released on October 5th for $30. Decent stealth games are few-and-far between these days so go check it out and support the genre.

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