Enjoy 7 Minutes of Dragon Quest Heroes' PS4 Gameplay from TGS2014

Tokyo Game Show has certainly been filled with plenty of good insight on plenty of different up-and-coming games. Among the games shown off was Square Enix’s Dynasty Warriors-like game, Dragon Quest Heroes. Square Enix has just released direct feed footage of its stage presentation. Here, you’ll be able to see just how the game plays out.

Dragon Quest Heroes is loaded with the kind of hack-and-slash gameplay that developer Omega Force is well known for. Dragon Quest Heroes falls into the same Warriors (or Mosou) style of games as Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, and many more. Players may also find it similar to the style of gameplay they may soon find in Hyrule Warriors.

Dragon Quest Heroes is alleged to run at 1080p and 60 frames per second according to its developers. This much certainly seems to be the case after a look at the beautiful gameplay footage courtesy of Polygon.

Dragon Quest Heroes is purported to come to PS4 and PS3 in 2015. For now, the game is only being released in Japan. No word of western localization has been made.

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