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5 Games That Could Be Made About Beyoncé


5 Games That Could Be Made About Beyoncé

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It’s Beysus’ birthday today guys, which means what better topic to write about than the Queen herself? Ever since Beyoncé: Two Souls was announced, I’ve been racking my brain thinking “what other Beyoncé-themed games could the industry bless our lives with?” Here are a few ideas that I think would be totally awesome and should be made immediately.


Destiny(‘s Child)

Considering the hype around Bungie’s Destiny, an oddly similar title featuring Beyonce and her former music group Destiny’s Child would be a huge hit. Instead of searching for loot in the vast expanses of the universe, Destiny(‘s Child) would have the player looting the arenas of the world by having reunion concerts. The game’s economy would likely suffer because of the vast amounts of money players would be able to make simply by scheduling a show in any area on the planet, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Though it is an incredibly awesome game idea, I can’t take credit for it since my fellow Twinfinite staffer Andy saw this coming months ago…

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