Rust Dev Releases Video for Prototype Deuce aka "Tennis x Street Fighter"

Rust and Garry’s Mod developer Facepunch Studios has released a video for an early prototype game titled Deuce.

Deuce is described as “tennis crossed with Street Fighter”, and includes a short video showing the basic gameplay. Think of it as tennis with a few “special moves”, such as:

  • Ice (freezes opponent on returning the ball)
  • Tornado (Sends the ball flying in a random direction)
  • Teleport (Switches the ball position mid flight)
  • Fireball

You can get the full details on their developer blog, but there is still a long way to go. They are hoping to release weekly updates, but keep in mind this is just a prototype and not yet an officially planned release.

As a fan of  sports games that turn basic sports concepts up to 11, such as NFL Blitz and MLB Slugfest, I’m actually pretty interested to see if this ever pans out.


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