Naughty Dog Narrative Design Lead and Lead Game Designer Join Call of Duty Studio

Former Narrative Design Lead Taylor Kurosaki and former Lead Game Designer Jacob Minkoff have both left their long-time homes at Naughty Dog for positions at Infinity Ward, developer of the massive Call of Duty franchise.

Kurosaki joined Naughty Dog in 1995, and despite taking an interlude in TV production, has spent over 12 years with the studio. He’s been involved in almost every Naughty Dog series, with credits in Crash Bandicoot, Jak 3, Jak X and the first 3 entries of the Uncharted games.

While Kurosaki will be entering the role of narrative director, Minkoff will be joining Infinity Ward as design director, following his 5 year run at Naughty Dog.

With the 2013 release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward is poised to release a new Call of Duty title in 2016, according to Activision’s three year CoD cycle. Whether Kurosaki and Minkoff will be working on the upcoming title is yet unconfirmed.

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