The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Gets the Last Hero in Opulencia's Hero Draft Event

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot fans have been enjoying the most important event in Ubisoft’s F2P game until now: the very first Opulencia’s Hero Draft. An event in which players are allowed to get a taste of each of the characters before deciding which one they will use permanently.

The Hero Draft is now coming to an end and the last hero, The Runaway (available until August 11), even got her own trailer.

As a plus, players can get a discount on the in-game currency price for this hero depending on how much they get her to level up (discounts can be as high as 60%). In addition, players who reach level 15 will also get an epic weapon and if the entire community gets to perform 207,753 successful attacks with this character during the event, a special costume will be unlocked.

If you missed your chance, Ubisoft has already announced these drafts will keep happening and a different hero will be available every week from Thursday to Monday, for free, with the same discount stated above.


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