A Look at the New Features Coming to Neverwinter in Tyranny of Dragons Expansion

Like every good massive multiplayer online game, Neverwinter is due for an expansion, specifically the Tyranny of Dragons expansion that brings a host of new features. Some of the newest elements set to arrive in the game are the Scourge Warlock class, the Dragonborn race, and the Cult of the Dragon. The latest gameplay trailer walks you through the new features coming to the game for a closer look at everything the new expansion will entail.

Specifically, the Scourge Warlock class looks especially badass for a new way to tackle the new dragon enemies. Just as well, the trailer gives a glimpse of upcoming events such as the Cult of the Dragon and the dragons’ invasion of Faerûn. Players can anticipate getting in on the action when Tyranny of Dragons is released for Neverwinter on August 14th.

Also, good news for Gen Con attendees, as they can receive a code for an exclusive item unlock for Tyranny of Dragons if they pass by the Wizards of the Coast booth.

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