Latest Shadowgate Trailer Sheds Light on Talimar the Black

Coming on the heels of a recent side-by-side comparison trailer, the latest trailer for the remake/reboot/reimagining of the classic 1989 NES title Shadowgate reveals the malevolent force lurking within Castle Shadowgate. In it, we learn the back-story behind Shadowgates nefarious villain, the warlock Talimar the Black.

Through hand-painted sequences, like those used within the game itself, we are told of Talimar the Black’s fall from grace, how he betrayed the other members of the Council of Twelve, and used his dark magics to amass an army. Hellbent on recovering an ancient relic, “the Staff of Ages,” from within the dark halls of Castle Shadowgate, only the player can retrieve it first and defeat the traitorous Warlock Lord.

You can begin your quest on August 21 when Shadowgate is released for PC and Mac.


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