Green Man Gaming Announces the Top 50 Games You Should Play before You Die

Digital retailer, Green Man Gaming, took a look at the calendar and realized that summer is almost over. To help gamers squeeze in a few more all-night gaming sessions before the leaves start to change, they have announced an end of summer promotion putting the top 50 games you should play before you die (chosen by the Green Man Gaming staff) on sale for the rest of the month. Every couple of days the site will reveal the next ten games on the list.

  • 50 – 41: August 8th-11th
  • 40 – 31: August 11th-14th
  • 30 – 21: August 14th-17th
  • 20 – 11: August 17th-20th
  • 10 – 1: August 20th-23rd

This is an amazing chance to work on your gaming history, so be sure to take advantage of it.

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